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Save time on your most common tasks

Time is money, and we’re here to save you both.

Pre-drafted emails

Wake up to an inbox of pre-drafted responses. Writers’ block be damned.
*Live in beta

Calendar recommendations

Bombarded with new calendar invites? I will suggest intelligent calendar modifications to ease your mind.
*coming soon

Instant social media replies

Can’t think of the right reply? Wally is here to help with an instant draft.
*Live in beta

YouTube summaries

Don’t have time to watch that 40 minutes self-help video your mom keeps sending you? I've got you covered with quick summaries.
*coming soon

Automated socials

Set your workflows and relax. I’ll send your approval requests for your social posts based on your schedule.
*coming soon

Chat with your sites and documents

With me, you can chat directly with any website or document. Glean the most important insights with me and save time.
*Live in beta

Get more value from your tools

Connect your tools and kick back. I integrate to supercharge your tools with automated workflows, reminders, and more.
*coming soon
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Don’t just take my word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
"I’ve been using Wally to kick start every new project and can’t imagine working without it."
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Candice Wu
Product Manager
"Love the simplicity of the service! Automating my menial tasks means I can focus on the work I love - cooking!"
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Kelly Williams
Head Chef
"Wally has saved me dozens of hours of work. I am able to accomplish so much more with my time! Goodbye writer's block!"
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Koray Okumus

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about me.
Is there a free plan?
Yes! For a limited time, all of my services are available for free to early adopters. Users on the free plan will be limited to 10 queries per day. Download my extension and get to work for free.
What is a query?
A query is a unit for how much work I have to do to complete the task you request of me. Every time I answer your questions or automate your work, I will estimate the number of queries it will consume.
How many queries do I have?
On the free plan, you get 51 queries per day. You can upgrade to one of my paid plans to access more queries and early access to features.
What permissions do you use?
In order for me to assist you as best as possible, I require permissions to insert my user interface into your browser. Furthermore, I need permission to read the page's content in order to provide summaries and to discuss the content with you. I may ask for access to your third-party accounts as you activate new skills. To learn more, please read my Privacy Policy.
Is Wally available on Mobile?
Currently, I'm only available via the Google Chrome extension. I have been thinking about purchasing another home lately though...
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Level up today

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