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Published on
October 21, 2023
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Preparing your classwork can be a lot

Every year, teachers like yourself are expected to do more and more with the same amount of time. Aside from all of the curriculum building and administrative work, you are also expected to create fresh and engaging classwork for your students. It can and does build up until your head starts to spin. Luckily, with Wally by your side, you can streamline your classwork creation, saving you hours of work each week! Let's explore how Wally can help YOU using a few examples - feel free to follow along.

1. Create a reading comprehension worksheet from a website:

Wally offers you the ability to quickly extract and utilize information on any website. For this example, navigate to this article discussing the impact of volunteer work on students and ask Wally to create a worksheet to test your students' reading comprehension. In order for Wally to have access to the article, you need to click the "Read website" option when creating a new chat. Try this prompt out for yourself:

Create a reading comprehension worksheet for this article at a 6th grade reading level with instructions for each section. Include the following sections:

  • Comprehension: 5 multiple choice questions
  • Vocabulary: 3 key vocabulary terms
  • Critical Thinking: 2 open ended questions
  • Answer Key: The answers to the above

Format as a classroom assignment with a rubric

2. Identifying topics for debate:

Debate is a critical skill for any student finding their voice, but sometimes it may be challenging to identify appropriate topics for the classroom. Try asking Wally for help using the following request:

Create a debate assignment for a [GRADE LEVEL] level with instructions. Include a list of 10 age-appropriate debate topics. The students should use the following techniques:

  • Defining their claim
  • Identifying a potential counterclaim and refuting it
  • Using storytelling
  • Provide 3 more techniques you would recommend for this grade level.

Format as a classroom assignment with a rubric

3. Assigning fun creative writing exercises:

Creative writing is a great and fun way to help students reinforce their new writing techniques such as figurative language. However, finding exciting and original topics can be daunting. Wally is here to help! Ask Wally yourself using the following input:

Create a creative writing assignment for a [GRADE LEVEL] level with instructions. Include a list of 5 age-appropriate prompts. The students should use the following writing techniques:

  • Metaphor and simile
  • Personification
  • Foreshadowing

Format as a classroom assignment with a rubric

Ready to level up?

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